A remake of Divided Arms. The Lost Chapters is a fantasy forum set in the middle ages where humans face off against the creatures of darkness. You decide who you fight for.
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RPG Information

 Ability Table :
Ability TableNameDescription
AbilityNew LifeCan become human upon dying. Using this ability removes all current known skills.
AbilityAscendAllows the monster to increase tier while alive, not having to die to evolve.
AbilityCold TouchThe mosnter has an icy touch, being able to freeze objects or even body parts if given enough time wit a connection. The ice is extremly cold and takes an hour to melt on its own. The ice spreads gradually while the user makes a connection with the object, even being able to fully encase the target in ice if given enough time. This ability lasts as long as contact is made and has a 5 post cooldown.
AbilityDecomposeThis ability allows the undead to heal themselves. They can feed on other dead creatures or humans to fully heal themselves of all wounds as well as giving them double strength for 2 posts after consumption.
AbilityValorThis ability is a physical enhancement ability. While activated , the user seems to be unphased by any attacks inflicted upon them. They seem invincible, and even broken bones don't even bother them. This ability last 10 posts and has a cooldown of 5 posts.
AbilityInfectionUnlike poison, the infection ability can turn the target into a zombie over a period of 5 days IC if not treated with the
AbilityLong sword ExpertThe monster is an expert at the Long blade and can wield it as best as any man if not better.
AbilityGrappleThis ability allows the monster to grab the
AbilityRaise DeadThe necromancer gets his name from this ability. He is able to summon the dead from their graves and returning them to life as his thrall. No ammount of magic can break this hold over the thrall and even if it did, the link between them and the necromancer would be severed, resulting in death. The Necromancer can have up to 3 thralls at any given time. This ability has a 5 post cooldown.
AbilityCurse This ability allows the user to infiltrate the mind of the target. Those affected by this ability don't even know what has happened until it is too late. This ability allows to enter the targets topics and post as though he were actually there, even though it is only in the targets head. This is commonly used to drive the target mad and can even inflict small wounds such as cuts and burns.The only way to remove this effect is to either kill the user or they themselves picks another target. Only one person can be cursed at any given time and one topic at a time. The user also cannot alter the physical world in this state.. The ability has a 10 post cooldown.
 Armor Type : Cloth
 Weapon Type : Dragonbone
 Inventory :
Rank: Necromancer
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